Our Team

Meet Our Senior Team:

Linda Calabrese

Senior Vice President of Operations, Responsive Management Inc.

Email: linda.calabrese@responsivemanagement.ca

Tel: 416-479-4345 ext. 226

Paula White

Paula White

Executive Director

Email: paula.white@arbourcreekcarecentre.ca

Tel: 905-578-3431 ext. 110

Brittany Saini

Director of Care

Email: brittany.saini@arbourcreekcarecentre.ca

Tel: 905-578-3431 ext. 111

Meet The Rest Of Our Team:

Gabrielle Wolfe

Assistant Director of Care

Email: gabrielle.wolfe@arbourcreekcarecentre.ca

Tel: 905-578-3431 ext. 135

Azra Gaernter

Clinical Director of Care and Infection Prevention and Control Leader

Email: azra.gaertner@arbourcreekcarecentre.ca

Tel: 905-578-3431 ext. 112

Patrick Howarth

Food Services Manager

Email: patrick.howarth@arbourcreekcarecentre.ca

Tel: 905-578-3431 ext. 119

Christine Dewitt

Christine Dewitt

Admissions Coordinator

Email: christine.dewit@arbourcreekcarecentre.ca

Tel: 905-578-3431 ext. 133

Laura Harding

Laura Harding

Business Office Manager

Email: laura.harding@arbourcreekcarecentre.ca

Tel: 905-578-3431 ext. 118

Rob Ciccone

Rob Ciccone

Programs Manager

Email: rob.ciccone@arbourcreekcarecentre.ca

Tel: 905-578-3431 ext. 117

Amber Webster

Employee Engagement Specialist

Email: amber.webster@arbourcreekcarecentre.ca

Tel: 905-578-3431 ext. 134


Environmental Services Manager

Jason Geerlinks

Quality Improvement & Staff Development Coordinator

Email: jason.geerlinks@arbourcreekcarecentre.ca

Tel: 905-578-3431 ext. 113