Choosing a Home

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Welcome to Arbour Creek Care Centre. We are here to help ease the stress and confusion that often comes with choosing a long term care home. When searching for a home for yourself or for a loved one, it is important to determine whether the Home is a place where people are supported and encouraged to achieve all that they can be. To get a feel for the care, culture, and the general atmosphere of a Home, we recommend you visit all of the Homes that interest you. We invite you to come visit our Home, just click on the button below to book a date and time to visit our home. We have also provided a series of questions to consider when choosing a long term care Home.

Here are some questions to think about as you get started and ask about during your visit:

  • Is the location appealing to you? Is it near stores, a park, a familiar neighbourhood?
  • Is the location easily accessible for visits by family or friends?
  • Ask to see a resident room, activity room, dining area and resident lounge.
  • Stop and speak to a few residents and families about their impressions of the Home.
  • Ask for copies of sample menus, monthly activity calendars, Resident and Family Council meeting minutes and newsletters.
  • Are you introduced to the Administrator or any other managers?
  • Is the team friendly?
  • Are the team members warm and concerned when interacting with residents?
  • Is the building clean, inviting and well-maintained?
  • Is the type of room and the bathroom to your liking?
  • Is there a way to have privacy, if the room is shared?
  • Is there flexibility around visiting hours?
  • Are the menus varied and appealing?
  • Ask if you are able to sample a meal or participate in an activity at the Home.
  • Are meals that are culturally familiar to you available?
  • Is the Home able/willing to meet your religious, cultural, language, and dietary needs?
  • Can family and visitors dine with the residents?
  • How are families and residents involved in the planning for the resident’s care?
  • How frequently are services such as physiotherapy, occupational therapy and foot care available?
  • What special needs can be accommodated in this setting (e.g., diabetes, oxygen, scooters, specialized services for dementia)?
  • What innovative programs, services and activities set this home apart from others?
  • What extra charges are there, if any, for services or amenities (e.g., phone, television, hairdressing, transportation)?